What We See at Word on the Street 2022!

I am very excited to share that I will be taking part in the panel Human Futurisms alongside Lindsay B-E: author of The Cyborg Anthology from Brick Books, and Nisa Malli: author of Allodynia from Palimpsest Press.

Join us at 6pm June 11th, at WOTS’s Across the Universe stage to “Get a glimpse of the future—and the strange new denizens who live there—as we continue to hurtle through space and time together.”

The even will include a Q&A, and books will be available for Purchase.

For more information on my co-panelists, please click the hyperlinks on their names to be taken to their websites, and the links on their books to be taken to the publisher’s page for each title!

For more information on the literary festival Word on the Street, and to find out about other panels and events, you can peruse here: https://toronto.thewordonthestreet.ca

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