Visitation Seeds

Coming soon from 845 Press, available in paperback and wherever ebooks are sold!

Imagine: While we sleep: something like an angel is kneeling on the Moon, planting seeds. It has travelled across the void to us. Call it a Gardener.
When we wake, there is a forest growing in the night sky. The Visitation Seeds have come.

In a future where life has mysteriously sprung forth on the Moon, humanity seizes a land of colonization, raising cities from the silver dust. Now, after decades of settlement and growth, something is stirring. The voice of a young man is calling out from the graveyards. The dead no longer lie still beneath the ground. From Earth, a lone cyborg is dispatched to solve the mystery of resurrection and quell all rebellion, but her journey beneath the pomegranate trees will lead her on a darker path, towards a secret that will undo the growing world beneath her feet.