The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits will be published 2024 with Wolsak & Wynn

Visitation Seeds! Imagine While we sleep: something like an angel is kneeling on the Moon, planting seeds. It has travelled across the void to us. Call it a Gardener. When we wake, there is a forest growing in the night sky.

Published by 845 Press in 2020

Cover art by Raz Latif

What We See in the Smoke twists the genres of realism and science fiction to tell the future history of Toronto, a story that stretches from this millennium to the next. The novel leaps across the boundaries of time and space, as present and future Torontonians search for meaning, connection, and love in a city that grows more beautiful and frightening as its familiar characteristics fade away.

Published by Crowsnest Books in 2019

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