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Prepare for a visitor: Novella landing!

Ghan’s tale is not a story but a journey to a place that is both dangerously foreign and familiar, a journey from which no one will return unchanged.

Joshua Gillingham, Author of The Gatewatch

Imagine: While we sleep: something like an angel is kneeling on the Moon, planting seeds. It has travelled across the void to us. Call it a Gardener.
When we wake, there is a forest growing in the night sky. The Visitation Seeds have come!

In a future where life has mysteriously sprung forth on the Moon, humanity seizes a land of colonization, raising cities from the silver dust. Now, after decades of settlement and growth, something is stirring. The voice of a young man is calling out from the graveyards. The dead no longer lie still beneath the ground. From Earth, a lone cyborg is dispatched to solve the mystery of resurrection and quell all rebellion, but her journey beneath the pomegranate trees will lead her on a darker path, towards a secret that will undo the growing world beneath her feet.

Visitation Seeds is coming soon from 845 Press in Paperback and wherever ebooks are sold!!

Cover art by the wonderful Sile Englert

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