Essays, Poems, and Novellas incoming!

Hello all, First of all, though I’ve had some things to share for a while, I’ve been holding off because it has seemed strange and inconsiderate to announce good personal news in the present moment. But I have enough now that it seems worth putting out here, in gratitude of the great people I’ve been working with.

First of all, you can read my latest essay: Distributing Our Horizons: Ken Liu’s Children of the Cloud and the Birth of Digital (Post)Humanity in the Strange Horizons 2020 Fund Drive issue! I am very proud of this piece of criticism, focused on Liu’s wonderful collection The Hidden Girl and Other Stories.

Secondly, my poem That Ghostly Voyage Beyond will be published on Saturday by Cypress Poetry Journal, and I will be participating in their second online reading series next week! I am honored to be included.

Finally: I HAVE A NEW BOOK INCOMING!!! I am thrilled to be introducing the world to my sf novella Visitation Seeds, which is coming this fall from 845 Press. I am honored to be the press’s first foray into longer works, and am so, so excited to be bringing more details soon!

If you have specific questions about the book, or you are interesting in an advance copy for review, please get in touch via the contact me page

Stay safe.