Writing in times of crisis

Hello everyone,

It’s sort of shocking to realize that my last post was barely a month ago. March was 80 years long.

In case you missed it, you can read my poem A Bird of Flesh and Futures in Cypress Poetry Journal as their first piece. They are quickly building a wonderful little catalogue that you should all go check out. I had more work scheduled to print in April, but understandably, things have been pushed back as the crisis continues to impact all people in all fields of work.

I will try and put more original content on this site later in the month, including perhaps an original story. In the meantime I, along with all of you, am socially distancing, keeping my head down, and doing my best to keep up with my finals.

Stay safe, and wash your hands. When I set about writing a series of dystopias, I never imagined this one.

New info on what you can do to help comes out every day, so please take it seriously!


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