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What We See [in 2020 and beyond]

Welcome to my first blog post set after the events of Blade Runner, but still (thankfully) before the opening of Blade Runner 2049! Welcome to 2020!

See here: The past

2019 was a year of big things for me, and I wanted to take a moment to stop and reflect and give thanks. In between finishing my undergrad at UofT and heading off to my MA at Ryerson University, my fix-up novel of science fiction What We See in the Smoke journeyed out into the world, courtesy of Crowsnest Books.
I am grateful to every venue that hosted me and the places I got to take my strange little work in the fall, such as the Toronto SFF panel in September, Nerd Nite Toronto, Glaad Day Bookstore, and so many others. I’m thrilled the book has been so well received, and I encourage all of you to go and peruse some of the reviews it has received both here and on Goodreads. I’m also really grateful at how widely accessible to the book has become, and if you haven’t been able to pick up a copy (because like 2019 was a whole trip and we are all tired), I’ve done my best to compile a list of all the places you can nab it in print or ebook format Right Here!

insert Doc Brown to switch gears to talking about the future but also hey we are also in a post back to the future II timeline, so that’s continuity for you

So… What’s happening for 2020? Well, yes I have a new work in progress, and I am making progress damn it, and I’m very excited about it, but it won’t be ready to see the light of day for a long time, and that’s all I can really say about that right now.
But! I am up to other stuff too! You can still submit prose to me over at Terse Journaland poetry over at The White Wall Review – and you can also check out the fantastic work available from both journals’ websites.
You can also read my recently published essays: Queer Time Machines: Hauntologies of Literature and Allen Ginsberg: Howl for the queer and disabled Americans in Terse Journal and Empty Mirror Books, respectively. So far, 2020 is shaping up to be a year of Non-Fiction for me, and you can look forward to another essay in Empty Mirror on Mohsin Hamid’s beautiful 2017 novel Exit West next month. I hope to be putting out more non-fiction focused on contemporary works I love throughout the year. Writing (as I once overheard someone exclaiming at a Coach House Books party) is not about finding an audience, but entering a community, and I hope to contribute to some meaningful discussions and highlight the fantastic work being done by those in that community around me.
As the last word (for now) about my previous novel, I’m really excited to tell you all that What We See in the Smoke is eligible for The Aurora: Canada’s annual English-language Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards. If you are a member of the CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association) or are thinking of joining (do it!) and you liked my weird little book, please consider me.
That’s all from me, folks! You’ll hear from me again soon. I promise to put another post out into the world before our timeline catches up to the Blade Runner Sequel!

I still have time

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