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Summer 2019 – a retrospective

I’ve been thinking about time travel a lot lately.

Not really because there’s any point I’d like to go back or forwards too especially. Recently I experienced jet lag from travel and came to the conclusion that the fourth dimension must have a sense of humour. Time plays tricks on us. We play tricks on time, too, though. Writing is time travel. Writing is forever trapped in the present tense.

This is a terrible segue, but what I’m trying to say is, summer 2019 is about to end! A lot happened in the last few months, and I have done a terrible job of keeping this website up to date, so here we go.

My book baby What We See in the Smoke has had an incredible first few months of life. You can check out some of its reviews here. I’ve also had my first few chances to try out live events, including a sort of party at the Station Bar and Kitchen, where the artist Stephan “Sven” Goslinski created this sketch from my reading of the book:

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 10.40.23 AM

I’ve also had the great opportunity to be a guest on Howl.FM, where I was interviewed by the fantastic Valentino Assenza.

So what’s next?? Well, I’m very excited to say I’ve finally finished putting together Bruce Meyer: Essays and Interviews for Guernica Editions

I’m sure there will be more to do leading up to its publication, but right now I’m taking a moment to be happy and proud of the book and its wonderful contributors. Hopefully, you all check it out in the coming year and gain some insights into one of my favourite Canadian poets.

I also got to write a blog post on one of my favourite Canadian writers on the blog of one of my favourite Canadian journals for you to check out here: LARISSA LAI’S “RACHEL” AND CYBORG IDENTITY
I’m looking forward to this coming season, where I’ll be appearing on several panels (more on that soon, since they deserve their own post), and readings!

Finally, I’m happy to say that I’m somewhere between ankle and knee-deep on a new novel-length project, though it would be wrong to say anything about it other than that its nuts. All this, and also getting ready to start my MA at Ryerson University!


A final note to say, over the summer, one of my greatest pleasures has been getting to know other Toronto authors. So, if you’ve bumped into me, read my book, or I’ve ever tweeted fan mail at you, please get in touch! You are all my favourite.

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