“With each story, we leap forward, and, with each leap forward, we have to relearn the rules of the narrative in much the same way that a time traveller would have to relearn the world. This makes for a unique and a uniquely compelling experience.”

“Although the same city in different time periods can be unrecognizable, Ben Berman Ghan’s Toronto in What We See in the Smoke has kept some street names and locations even as the physical place moved from Earth in 2016 to Janus in 3036.”

“Despite its unique motley demeanour, What We See ends up being a novel rich in motifs that the average Torontonian can recognize and understand. A mixture of the heinous and the righteous, and a spark of constant renewal that keeps it all in flux, Ben Ghan’s debut is a solid underscoring of the Torontonian ethos.”

“What We See in the Smoke is a beautifully written, dark novel that I recommend to every type of book lover. Sci-fi fans, dystopia dreamers, and Toronto lovers. It’s a brilliant, unique piece of fiction, and if you can handle some darkness, take a peek into what fate holds for dear old Toronto.”

“What we see in the smoke is not about what happened to Earth and why. It is about living with what is happening, war or no war, space station or planet. The protagonists in each of the stories do the best that they can with the situation they have been put in, whether it is to find their loved ones or save them.”

“The sci-fi elements are both outlandish and believable. The tone is often dark and sometimes funny, and there’s always something at stake that hits at the heart.”

“an interesting and unusual collection/novel, and one I can whole-heartedly recommend!”



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