1. The Years Shall Run Like Rabbits (forthcoming 2024)
  2. Visitation Seeds (2020)
  3. What We See in the Smoke (2019)

Short Fiction, Poetry, and Non-Fiction listed in reverse chronological order


  1. Annihilation Pinhole Poetry issue 2.2
  2. Ben Ghan interviews Kim Fu — The Insurgent Architects House for Creative Writing podcast episode 50
  3. Behold the Dead — The Blasted Tree Arts Collective and Publishing Co
  4. Spectres of Bibliotheca” — The Temz Review issue 22


  1. The Resting Place of Trees — Clarkesworld December 2022
  2. The World is a Scar That Longs to Bleed: A Review of John Elizabeth Stintzi’s My Volcano — Filling Station Magazine
  3. Look at the Birds — Grim and Gilded Issue 8
  4. The Church of the Hot Pink Jesus — Wrongdoing Magazine Issue 4
  5. Something that Bites — The Sprawl Mag 1.1
  6. With Empathy and Imagination: of Everything for Everyone: An Oral History of the New York Commune, 2052–2072 — The Ancillary Review of Books
  7. What? — This Will Only Take a Minute, an Anthology of Flash Fiction — Guernica Editions
  8. Longing for What We Never Had: Emily St John Mandel’s “Sea of Tranquility — The Ancillary Review of Books
  9. Breath, Sweet Dazzler — Deathcap Issue 14
  10. Now and Forever — Deathcap Issue 14 (Poetry)
  11. Yes Father, I Shall Become — Deathcap issue 14
  12. Wilding City — Deathcap issue 14
  13. Underneath — The Red House: An Anthology of Genre and Speculative poetry Volume 2


  1. After-Crisis — The Temz Review issue 17
  2. Asylum Saint Skies — Deathcap Issue 6
  3. The New Gods of the House — Abyss and Apex Issue 80


  1. Hybrids Of Mind And Body: The Forms And Freedoms Of The Cyborg In Posthumanist Science Fiction (Masters Thesis – Toronto Metropolitan University)
  2. The City Below Sound — The Local issue 7
  3. We Have Seen The Future — the Eunoia Review
  4. We’re Here for the Ride: Toronto’s Last Night at KFB — the Puritan Town Crier
  5. That Ghostly Voyage Beyond — Cypress Poetry Journal
  6. Distributing Our Horizons: Ken Liu’s Children of the Cloud and the Birth of Digital (Post)Humanity — Strange Horizons
  7. A Bird of Flesh and Futures — Cypress Poetry Journal
  8. Questioning Our Characters: Performative Identity in Nella Larsen’s Passing and Eugene O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape — Empty Mirror
  9. Queering the Cyborg: How The Hybrid Body Can Set us Free — Strange Horizons
  10. Exit West: Freedom in the Digital City in Empty Mirror
  11. Hard-Light Bodies — The Temz Review issue 10
  12. Watchmen: We See What We Want to See — The Nerd Daily
  13. Allen Ginsberg: Howl for the queer and disabled Americans — Empty Mirror
  14. Queer Time Machines: Hauntologies of Literature — Terse Journal


  1. Önder Deligöz: Fiction, Feelings and Freedom — PEN Canada
  2. March Break Happenings at the University of Toronto — Intersections
  3. Trick or Treating with Food Allergies — Intersections
  4. Word on the Street! — Intersections
  5. Larissa Lai’s “Rachel” and Cyborg Identity — Augur Magazine
  6. Dear Editor — Half A Grapefruit Magazine
  7. Dog Food for Dallas — The UC Review online
  8. A Grim House in Heaven — The Trinity Review Volume 131


  1. Cat’s Cradle: The Sin of Scientists and Systems in Terse Journal (Essay)
  2. Closing Time in Terse Journal (fiction)
  3. Tenants in Sweet Tree Review Volume 3.1 (fiction)


  1. The Poor Teaching Practices of Albus Dumbledore for The Spectatorial (Article)
  2. Arrival – A Case of Déjà vu for The Spectatorial (Review)
  3. Lonesome No More for The Spectatorial (Article)
  4. Bowie Fiction for The Spectatorial (Article)
  5. Wrath of Khan Introspective for The Spectatorial (Article)
  6. The Sins of Professor X (Part 1) for The Spectatorial (Article)
  7. The Sins of Professor X (Part 2) for The Spectatorial (Article)
  8. A Dream of a Good Life in Liquid Imagination issue 35 (fiction)
  9. The War with Space in the Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal 2.4 (fiction)
  10. Yum in The UC Review Winter 2017 (fiction)
  11. A Carnival World in South 85 Journal (fiction)
  12. Death Watch in Occulum Journal (fiction)
  13. The End of History in The Goose Volume 6 (fiction)
  14. Rocket Connection in Occulum Journal (fiction)


  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens—We’re Home for The Spectatorial (Review)
  2. I Aim to Misbehave – The Confusing Gender Politics of Firefly for The Spectatorial (Article)
  3. Daredevil Season 2: Here Comes the Man Without Fear for The Spectatorial (Review)
  4. Not My Superman for The Spectatorial (Article)
  5. Doing What’s Right: A Review of Captain America – Civil War for The Spectatorial (Review)
  6.  4 Heroes. 4 Movies. 4 Mistakes. 4 Puns. for The Spectatorial (Article)
  7. Trying to Be Happy – Exploring the Issue of Humanness in “Swiss Army Man” for The Spectatorial (Review)
  8. Remember To Save What Keeps Us Human: Looking At “Childhood’s End” for The Spectatorial (Review)
  9. The Martian Mustache in The Spectatorial Volume 6 (fiction)
  10. City Souls in Indigo Lit Issue 2 (fiction)


  1. Sandman: Handful of Dust for The Spectatorial (Article)
  2. Almost Human: Synthetic Soul for The Spectatorial (Review)
  3. The Flash Season One: “Run, Barry, Run!” for The Spectatorial (Review)
  4. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country for The Spectatorial (Article)
  5. Jessica Jones: It’s Time to Learn Her Name for The Spectatorial (Article)
  6. Ex_Machina – I am become Death for The Spectatorial (Article)
  7. Jessica Jones: Feminist Noir for The Spectatorial (Review)
  8. Hannibal: What do you see? for The Spectatorial (Review)
  9. God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut for The Spectatorial (Article)
  10. Sandman: Handful of Dust for The Spectatorial (Review)
  11.  Reach for the Stars! Or in Defence of Science Fiction Literature for The Spectatorial (Article)
  12. Imagine Magic! In Defense of Fantasy Literature for The Spectatorial (Article)
  13. No Capes! An Introduction to Comics and Graphic Novels of the Non-Superhero Variety for The Spectatorial (Article)
  14. Without Fear: The Devil in Depression for The Spectatorial (Article)
  15. An Interview with Bruce Meyer in The Strand (interview)
  16. Our Perspective in The Spectatorial Volume 4 (fiction)


  1. I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts… But Flying Saucers Give Me Chills! For The Spectatorial (Article)
  2. A Good Land for Myths for The Spectatorial (Article)
  3. The Stuff What Don’t Get Spoke: Hawkeye and Disability Done Well for The Spectatorial (Review)
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