Tales for Spooky Season

Do you seek tales to chill the blood this season??

first please give a warm welcome to The Sprawl Mag, a new speculative literature magazine that’s included my short story Something that Bites alongside many authors I greatly respect and admire

Day One

Something bit me on the way home from the marketplace. My shopping scattered.

It gathered them up again. It told me it was sorry. It told me this is how it always happened. It told me I didn’t have long.

Enjoy this tale of becoming something monstrous right here:


Next: Welcome to the anti-temple temple. Your shoes are forbidden. Your coffin is the dead books of uncatalogued collections, but your salvation is in their inks. your old god was an oil drum. Its priests are the police, you prayers your non-stop service. Here we let them go. Please remember, the food is free.

Give yourself over to automated service, if you dare, and become a drone of the future on distant worlds, or return to Earth and answer the final question: were do we go when we die?

Enter the Church of The Hot Pink Jesus, if you dare, in the pages of what might be the final issue of Wrongdoing Magazine https://mixam.co.uk/embed/637265b4ef7e9b07355376e1

A flash piece and a novelette! If that isn’t enough for you, there is more on the way! look out for more stories coming from Cold Signal Magazine, Medusa Tales Magazine, and Grim and Gilded Magazine next month!

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