freelance editor open for hire!

Hello all!

I’m writing to you from Toronto, with a series of heatwaves and lockdowns just behind me. 

While I started this site primarily as a place to keep track of my writing, I’ve been thinking more and more about my life as an editor, a role I’ve been training in for a little over seven years now (oh my god, I’m in my mid-twenties make it stop). I love short fiction, and I love digging into good work and helping an author find their voice, and hit all the notes that you couldn’t quite find without any input.

With that being said, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be opening my doors to freelance work! While I have also worked as an editor of poetry and non-fiction, I would hope to keep my freelance editing in the realm of fiction, where I am most comfortable.

For my credentials: I have served as an editor for The Spectatorial, The Goose, The Hart House Review, The White Wall Review, and am continuing as the prose editor of Terse Journal. This past year, I also served as a judge on The Hart House Literary Prize, and I am the editor of a collection of essays for Guernica Editions, due to hit shelves in a year or so.

As of now, I can consider works of fiction up to 10,000 words. While I have an internal pay scale, I am happy to discuss your budget and timeline and come to an agreement wherein you (the author) and I can give the work the time and attention it needs. Please reach out at, or use the Contact Me of this website to get in touch and start the discussion.



A comprehensive edit of your work, including inline suggestions, corrections, and comments as well as a 1-2 page critique, explaining my suggestions, what I think works about the story, and where I think it should go from here, as well as my best suggestions with where you might submit for publication! Good for all stages of a work. prices are negotiable, but my standard rate is 30 dollars an hour for a comprehensive edit.


Cleaning up the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of a work, but without in depth suggestions for what to take into a new draft. good option for a final draft that just needs a once over from a professional second pair of eyes. My standard rate is 25 dollars an hour for a copy edit.


For those that do not want (or require) inline suggestions, this is the 2 page critique also offered in the comprehensive edit. Quicker and more affordable, this is a good option for those more interested in general feedback on the direction of the work than specific suggestions. Best suited for a rough draft, as it would focus on systemic story issues. Only 20 dollars an hour!