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The City Below the Sound

Do you remember what April sounded like? Do you remember those rare moments where you ventured from the safety of home, your breath hot inside the cloth of the mask that didn’t yet feel normal?

The Local issue 7: The City Below the Sound

The summer is coming to an end, and even though things are opening up a little, we still remain more isolated in the heat of the city than any August I care to remember. For a little company, you can read my personal essay in The Local‘s fantastic fall 2020 “The Noise Issue” on deafness, isolation, and navigation in a city whose shape keeps changing. I’m proud to give you this personal essay, which allowed me to really write about my deafness for the first time, and I’m greatful to the editors and teachers who helped this happen.

Though I have spent much of this summer writing, I have been focused on long-form work, which means it won’t see the light of day anytime soon. But I will be very excited to share my Novella Visitation Seeds which will come out this fall from 845 Press, so there will be more announcments about that special work coming soon!

Please stay safe as we continue to navigate our pandemic shaped reality.

Oh and in other news, I should probably change my bio from “MA in progress” to “MA complete”

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