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My Ideas in March (New Empty Mirror essay, Aurora Awards upcoming works)


It is March in Toronto, which means it’s simultaneously plus 7 degrees Celsius and also heavily snowing.

You can start the day (if you wish) by checking out my latest essay in Empty Mirror Books: Questioning Our Characters: Performative Identity in Nella Larsen’s Passing and Eugene O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape

Important to me that I add a content warning for this essay, not for my own language but for quotations I had to use from the texts I am discussing. This essay is concerned with queerness and class conflict, but also with blackface, racial passing, and xenophobia. Please note that this essay is a contribution to these discussions, not a final or expert word. These works were written in a world oppressed by white supremacy, and are products of their time. I have done my best to treat them with sensitivity, but I am human. Please feel free to reach out if you have thoughts on my work here.

In other news, the Aurora Awards!

If your a voting member, or would like to become one at https://prixaurorawards.ca/ please consider “What We See in the Smoke” among your nominations for the novel category. It’s really easy to find, just scroll down! My book is at the very bottom of the list

I am honored that my work is eligible alongside such an illustrious list of names

The rush of work that’s been flowing from me is going to slow down for a little while as I head into the final stretch of my Masters Degree at Ryerson University, but keep an eye out for more work from me this spring!

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