Library cancellation

As I have stated in other social media (though I forgot to do so here), though, I was scheduled to speak at the Runnymede Branch of the Toronto Public library this evening on October 30th. Two weeks ago I cancelled this event.

I cannot in good conscience work with the TPL in the light of it’s hosting of hate speech on October 29th, and further more I want to condemn both the TPL and police’s horrible treatment of protestors.

The fact that the library had laid the works of trans authors out on the front table, and was publically congratulating Gwen Benaway for receiving the Governer General Award while literally keeping them trapped inside said branch for protesting an event that denied their existence is disgusting.

My novel features queer, trans, and genderqueer characters, and, I hope, a call for a non-passive resistance to oppression. For me to support the library in light of this sha, e would be an invalidation of the characters I have portrayed, and a betrayal of the friends the actions of the TPL have hurt. While I was unable to attend the protest, my heart and mind are with those who did.

Please do not sit quietly.

Thank you.

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