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So Long HBA

Well, that’s it.  On April 15th I took my final exam at The University of Toronto, which means I’m finally finished my bachelors.

84 Years

(Well, it’s been five years. But five years is a long time – at least for me).

It was an exhausting half-decade, but I got a lot out of it, and I owe a lot to my time here and thought I should take a moment to appreciate it. My time on various campus literary journals and creative workshops and independent studies have shaped my artistic interests as much as my scholarly ones.

I’m really excited to carry on the things I’ve learned into my MA at Ryerson University next fall!

But… what do I do until then? Well, a lot actually. I am still the prose editor of Terse Journal which has just announced our new theme: Hauntology. Terse is a pretty cool space, you should check it out (and maybe submit to us)!

I’m also still getting ready to launch my novel What We See in the Smoke this spring – which you should check out on Goodreads. When I think about it, I’ve been chipping away at this book for well over two years, and it still feels super strange to see that beautiful cover by Raz Latif with my words on it.

Now I’m really excited to throw myself into new writing and new stories and rediscover why I enjoy making things so much. Hopefully, I will have new stories to share here soon!

happy springtime everybody


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