2019 Update

Hello everyone!

I hope all have been enjoying 2019 so far. I’ve come back, after a little bit to much radio silence. exciting things are on the horizon for me.

I’ll be reading some poetry next friday at the launch of The Trinity Review! Also excited to say that an excerpt from my book, Planet 58, will be published in The 42nd volume of The White Wall Review

And speaking of my book… it is coming soon! Cover, description, and launch dates will all be coming your way this month! I couldn’t be more excited to share What We See in the Smoke with the world, so keep your eye out! in the next few months leading up to the book launch I will start posting Q&A’s, details, and a sort of “behind the scenes” of what on earth a “fix up novel” actually is.

Until then, wrap up friends, it’s cold outside.