My name is Ben Berman Ghan, and I am the author of a few books, including the fix-up novel What We See in the Smoke (Crowsnest Books), and the novella Visitation Seeds (845 Press). My next novel, forthcoming with Wolsak and Wynn, is slated for 2024.

I have served as an editor on a whole bunch of journals and magazines including The Spectatorial, The Hart House Review, The White Wall Review, and Terse Journal. My non-fiction has been published in such venues as Strange Horizons, Empty Mirror Books, and The Local TO. my prose in has been in The Temz Review and The Sweet Tree Review, and my poetry has appeared in Abyss and Apex and Deathcap Journal.

I’ve completed an HBA from the University of Toronto, an MA in English from The Toronto Metropolitan University. I have taught as a sessional instructor in Sheridan College’s Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing and Publishing program, and am currently a PhD student in English Literature at The University of Calgary

For more information on my work, and links to my short publications, please check out the CV section of my website, and for more information and links to my books, please check out the Books section, Review section, and the Store, where you can find many available links for purchase. MY work has been supported Toronto Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, and is currently supported by the Ontario Arts Council

Visitation Seeds (845 Press)
What We See in the Smoke (Crowsnest Books)