Hi! My name is Ben Berman Ghan. I am a writer, editor, poet, and student from Toronto Canada, finishing an HBA with a major in English Literature, Philosophy, and Writing and Rhetoric at The University of Toronto, and moving on to an MA in English at Ryerson University’s Literatures of Modernity program

My novel What We See in the Smoke is being published by Crowsnest Books June 6th, 2019!

On this site, you can find a link to my old articles, poetry, published works, personal essays, and full CV. I am also always and forever open to questions and emails about my writing and yours! Please feel free to contact me at any time.

My work has appeared in The Goose, The UC Review, Indigo Lit, Occulum Journal, Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, South 85, Liquid Imagination, The Sweet Tree Review, The Spectatorial, The Trinity Review, Terse Literary Journal, The Strand, Intersections, and The White Wall Review.

I have served as the Fiction Editor of The Spectatorial: UofT’s Journal of Speculative genre fiction, and Associate Editor for The Goose: an annual review of short fiction. I am currently the editor for an upcoming book of Non-Fiction from Guernica Editions, the Prose Editor of Terse Journal, and associate editor of The Hart House Review.


Author Photo Courtesy of Josh Ghan

The thumbnail of this website is courtesy of Kayla Buium! Find her work at https://kaylabuium.format.com/

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