1. The Church of the Hot Pink Jesus in Wrongdoing Magazine Issue 4(Forthcoming Novelette)
  2. Something that Bites in The Sprawl Mag 1.1 (forthcoming Fiction)
  3. With Empathy and Imagination: review of “Everything for Everyone: An Oral History of the New York Commune, 2052–2072″ for The Ancillary Review of Books (Forthcoming Review)
  4. What? In This Will Only Take a Minute, an Anthology of Flash Fiction with Guernica Editions (Fiction)
  5. Longing for What We Never Had: A Review of Emily St John Mandel’s “Sea of Tranquility” for The Ancillary Review of Books (Review)


  1. After Crisis in The Temz Review issue 17 (Fiction)


  1. Visitation Seeds with 845 Press (Novella)
  2. The City Below Sound in The Local issue 7 (Personal Essay)
  3. We Have Seen The Future in the Eunoia Review (Fiction)
  4. We’re Here for the Ride: Toronto’s Last Night at KFB in the Puritan Town Crier (Feature)
  5. Hard-Light Bodies in The Temz Review issue 10 (Fiction)
  6. Watchmen: We See What We Want to See for The Nerd Daily (Article)


  1. Önder Deligöz: Fiction, Feelings and Freedom for PEN Canada (Interview)
  2. What We See in the Smoke with Crowsnest Books (Short Story Collection)
  3. Larissa Lai’s “Rachel” and Cyborg Identity for Augur Magazine (article)
  4. Dear Editor in Half A Grapefruit Magazine (Flash-Fiction)


  1. Tenants in Sweet Tree Review Volume 3.1 (Fiction)
  2. Closing Time in Terse Journal (Fiction)


  1. A Dream of a Good Life in Liquid Imagination issue 35 (Fiction)
  2. The War with Space in the Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal 2.4 (Fiction)
  3. Yum in The UC Review Winter 2017 (Fiction)
  4. A Carnival World in South 85 Journal (Fiction)
  5. Death Watch in Occulum Journal (Fiction)
  6. The End of History in The Goose Volume 6 (Fiction)
  7. Why I Was Late for Class in The Gargoyle, Volume 62 issue 7 (Fiction)
  8. Rocket Connection in Occulum Journal (Fiction)


  1. City Souls in Indigo Lit Issue 2 (Fiction)
  2. The Martian Mustache in The Spectatorial Volume 6 (Fiction)