1. Annihilation Pinhole Poetry issue 2.2
  2. Behold the Dead — The Blasted Tree Arts Collective and Publishing Co


  1. Breath, Sweet Dazzler in Deathcap Issue 14
  2. Now and Forever in Deathcap Issue 14
  3. Yes Father, I Shall Become in Deathcap Issue 14
  4. Wilding City in Deathcap Issue 14
  5. Underneath in The Red House: An Anthology of Genre and Speculative poetry Volume 2


  1. The New Gods of the House in Abyss and Apex issue 80
  2. Asylum Saint Skies in Deathcap Magazine issue 7


  1. That Ghostly Voyage Beyond in Cypress Poetry Journal
  2. A Bird of Flesh and Futures in Cypress Poetry Journal


  1. Dog Food for Dallas in The UC Review online
  2. A Grim House in Heaven in The Trinity Review Volume 131
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