Poem for a young Jew

Timeless   Do you say you think that I look timeless? Dark rings, dark circles, shadows round and round My brow lined with other people’s secrets She tells me Jewish men never look young.   Is it the beard that hides my too round cheeks? Or the scalp peeking through my too thin hair? TheContinue reading “Poem for a young Jew”

Taken from a Walt Whitman Misquote

Loving Backwards   Raindrops like the keys fall upwards from grass Time drags back to the pattering of song You reappear at our old piano Backwards melodies played on your body * Atoms draw me back out into cold night Dragging my body up broken flight – Falling upwards, I am without heartbeat, The fracturedContinue reading “Taken from a Walt Whitman Misquote”

Matching Haikus

Matching Haikus, observations of a rainy day Birdies land on Sun drenched fence chains in the rain Saying chick-a-dee? * Doggie runs in mud Playing every way he can Saying look at me * Kitty runs up tree She is watching birdie sing Saying she feels free * Man falls flat on ass Limbs flailingContinue reading “Matching Haikus”

Poem for the Oliver Jones trio at the Bistro

Poem for The Oliver Jones Trio at the Jazz Bistro 11/24/2016 Poetry is Jazz, the words we don’t say. Missing beats and rhythms of fractured minds – Playing the tunes that hang between our words But the truth is, nobody listens to jazz anymore. * Rhythm, deviation, improvisation. Squeeze tight, the world slipping between fingersContinue reading “Poem for the Oliver Jones trio at the Bistro”

Sonnet Challenge: The Road Home

The Road Home  When you think of your world, can you see? No, dark mazes of leaves grow behind our dreams. You more expertly bend my dead tree walls Then the more haunted spirits ever could. * When the tangled antlers become your hearth Do you see me above you, like the dead – HangingContinue reading “Sonnet Challenge: The Road Home”

Prose Poem: The endless sentence challenge

Bullseye I spill ink and watch it fill in the cracks inside me looping around and around in my mind and watch as the lines carve themselves into circles within circles that fill themselves with all the insane useless information that takes up so much space within my brain because my life is a seriesContinue reading “Prose Poem: The endless sentence challenge”

A Short letter to myself and others, on the subject of Literary Reference

There is something which writers are guilty, When educated in literature. It is a vanity they cannot help, Poets, Hacks, Wretches, all suffer alike. * They are all trying to hide other works – Inside our own, love letters in letters Easter eggs of literature waiting To be found by readers with a sly wink.Continue reading “A Short letter to myself and others, on the subject of Literary Reference”

Poem for Mystical Landscapes

inspired by the Mystical Landscape exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario Standing under Gallery Lights 1899 Shifting tones, ocean glimmers, pulling into its cool depths. I am leaning into a world long gone, But still it is hanging here, waiting for new brushstroke sights Deeper colours than I can say to you.   1898Continue reading “Poem for Mystical Landscapes”

Remembering Mirvish

Crackle lights, cried cheap, cried plenty, cried out our history, A world free flowing – breast beer tap on full. Three stories high here Starry night through broken windows, that was Eddie’s old town. But Ed gone and closed shop and culture ain’t in style no more.   Once, Jewish woman sells underwear there, andContinue reading “Remembering Mirvish”