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  • Editing Services!

    Editing Services!

    Looking for an affordable freelance editor for your short works? I am opening my doors to comprehensive edits, copy edits, and critiques!

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  • Untangling the Cassette (At

    When I was tiny, I still read before I could read. In the dark and under blankets, voices whispered from foamy, tinny speakers, telling me of other worlds, pirates, monsters, and talking mice.  Then everything would go “ssshhhhhwipwip,” and I’d have to spend ten minutes or so reaching into the bowels of the sony walkman, desperate…

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  • The New Gods of The House

    To celebrate the beginning of Halloween season, I am happy to share my ever so slightly spooky poem The New Gods of the House in Abyss and Apex issue 80! You can read or listen to my narration of this poetic homage to the works of Jack Kirby right here, alongside the other great works…

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    March (again?) again – poems and nominations

    Greetings from isolation! I can confess that I’ve been doing a terrible job keeping things up to date since the new year, but in fairness, I’ve haven’t really had that much to say other than “Work in progress”. But now I do have a few things to announce, so here I am. Firstly, I am…

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  • The Visitation Seeds have landed! (Novella links)

    Tonight, the 2020 chapbooks of 845 Press, Rose Garden Press, and Baseline Press were set loose! and along with them, my novella Visitation Seeds has been officially unleashed onto the world! You can buy 3 different digital formats right here from from the 845 Press Catalogue as well as picking it up as a kindle…

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