Blurb from Andrew Wilmot

So What We See in the Smoke is being officially released this week!

You can now a copy of the book from Crowsnest Books, Amazonand Chapters Indigo! You can also go to your local store and ask them to order you a copy. However you get your copy is awesome!

This final blurb comes from Andrew Wilmot, who wrote the spectacular The Death Scene Artist and was gracious enough to read my work
Find out more about his work here:

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Blurb from Bruce Meyer

Blurb from a friend and mentor Bruce Meyer:

AP 3 What...Smoke.jpg

You can find out more about Bruce and his enormous bibliography of published works here:

You can now pre-order a copy of What We See in the Smoke from Crowsnest Books, Amazonand Chapters Indigo!

Blurb from Robert McGill

To continue sharing the kind words others have given for What We See in the Smoke, this is from Robert McGill, who ran the undergraduate creative writing workshop at the University of Toronto:

AP 2 What...Smoke (1)

You can find out more about Robert McGill and links to his work at his website here:

If you are swayed, you should definitely pre-order a copy of What We See in the Smoke from Crowsnest Books or Amazon

and if you want to see what more people think, head over to Goodreads!

Blurb from Sharon English

Very proud to start sharing some of the kind words that several authors have supplied for my new book – starting with Sharon English, author of Zero Gravity and Uncomfortably Numb, who helped supervise this novel.

AP 1 What...Smoke.jpg

You can find out more about Sharon English and links to her books at her website here:


If you are swayed, you should definitely pre-order a copy of What We See in the Smoke here:

What We See in the Smoke

and If you want to see what more people think, head over to Goodreads!

So Long HBA

Well, that’s it.  On April 15th I took my final exam at The University of Toronto, which means I’m finally finished my bachelors.

84 Years

(Well, it’s been five years. But five years is a long time – at least for me).

It was an exhausting half-decade, but I got a lot out of it, and I owe a lot to my time here and thought I should take a moment to appreciate it. My time on various campus literary journals and creative workshops and independent studies have shaped my artistic interests as much as my scholarly ones.

I’m really excited to carry on the things I’ve learned into my MA at Ryerson University next fall!

But… what do I do until then? Well, a lot actually. I am still the prose editor of Terse Journal which has just announced our new theme: Hauntology. Terse is a pretty cool space, you should check it out (and maybe submit to us)!

I’m also still getting ready to launch my novel What We See in the Smoke this spring – which you should check out on Goodreads. When I think about it, I’ve been chipping away at this book for well over two years, and it still feels super strange to see that beautiful cover by Raz Latif with my words on it.

Now I’m really excited to throw myself into new writing and new stories and rediscover why I enjoy making things so much. Hopefully, I will have new stories to share here soon!

happy springtime everybody



What We See in the Smoke is on Goodreads!

I hope you’ll consider adding me to your “want to read” shelf for your summer reading list 🙂


Writing is often a solitary and quiet task.

And that’s just the way I like it! But as a result, there isn’t exactly much room to ask people like myself questions about what we do. But here is your chance!

I’ll be holding my first AMA on Reddit: this Friday (April 5th) from 11am-1pm Eastern Standard time

Weird, right? Feel free to bring me your questions about What We See in the Smokemy time as an editor and writer of short fiction, or heck, anything else that comes to mind.

See you there!

Student Life: Literature of Modernity

After a five year HBA at the University of Toronto, I am really excited to start shouting that in fall of 2019 I’ll be starting an MA In English at Ryerson University’s Literatures of Modernity program, where I hope my work will continue to flourish and evolve.

Update: An Editor’s life

March! So it is now March.

Thanks to all who sent such kind responses to the cover reveal of What We See in the Smoke. June 6th can’t come fast enough!

I will have more book news soon enough, but today I’m pleased to announce that I am joining The Hart House Review as an associate editor!

The Review is the peer-reviewed literary journal of the University of Toronto and printed at Coach House Press since 1992. I am proud to join some awesome people for the creation of the Hart House Centennial issue this spring.

What We See in the Smoke

Coming June 6!
The world we know is coming to an end. How will we connect in the strange and frightening one that’s coming to take its place? What We See in the Smoke twists the genres of realism and science fiction to tell the future history of Toronto, a story that stretches from this millennium to the next. The novel leaps across the boundaries of time and space, as present and future Torontonians search for meaning, connection, and love in a city that grows more beautiful and frightening as its familiar characteristics fade away.   A musician is caught in an endless time loop unable to reach those he loves, two broke and desperate men plan a heist of a cannibal auction, a detective with sinister proclivities hunts for a criminal who is stealing dreams, and a college student searches for his brother in the hours before a nuclear war. All of these and more lead to a world where only rich cyborgs or the homeless remain, where teleportation has made crime impossible, and where city-sized spaceships are maintained by strange creatures while planet Earth itself is left behind.   Want a copy for yourself? Head over to the store, where I will do my best to keep track of all the places you can find and buy the book! If you want to pre-order an early copy of the book, you can do so over at Crowsnest Books If you are interested in my work, you can check out my CV for a complete list of my publications
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