Fall writing and beyond: 3 shorts and a novel

Sitting just north of the Bow River in Calgary, where I’ll be for the next few years as I pursue my PhD, I am beyond pleased to announce that my next novel, full of love and cyborgs and monsters will hit shelves in 2024 courtesy of the fabulous Wolsak & Wynn and its Buckrider Books imprint!

This is a piece of work I’ve been carrying for a long time. While I announced the book on social media last month, I totally forgot I had a website at that time. When it hits shelves, it’ll have been six years since I started it. I’m sure by that point I’ll have finally landed on a title that everyone is happy with.

While we wait for novel things, I’m happy to share that my fiction is forthcoming in a few excellent venues this fall. In September’s issue 3 of Medusa Tales Magazine, you’ll find my piece I-Made on what it means for a machine to grow. Then, in October, Wrongdoing Magazine issue 4 will feature my novelette, The Church of the Hot Pink Jesus — a tale of resistance, brotherhood, and the struggle for autonomy in the Anthropocene (and outer space). Finally, somewhere in there, you’ll find a little slice of body horror and Something that Bites in the first issue of The Sprawl Mag 1.1!

This is actually the most fiction I’ve put out in one season in a long time. While I doubt I’ll be able to maintain this level of output, hopefully I’ll be able to share some writings from my new time zone sooner rather than later.

stay tuned!