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In your eyes, I find a silent country, that

Surpasses all the places I’ll never reach:

You surround me in motions made of glass,

Or else I am frozen, too close not to fear a breaking.


You unravel me at first glance

Fingers unwrapping despite their tightness

Under your direction (full of gentle purpose)

I become your flowers for the end of winter


But if you wish I am shut tight, and

My life becomes beautifully, suddenly closed, like

The flowers that wilt and close petals in the face of snow

Realizing the coming of spring had only been imagined.


The sum of all the things we think we see

Is still less than your intense fragility and

You draw me closer in eternity and breathe with

the coloured texture of your untraveled places


(What is it about you that withdraws and unfurls?

some part of me knows the world on your tongue are

more abundant than all pale roses) Set against your

fingers, even raindrops are the size of planets