Ventures! Ventures! Everywhere! On Terse Journal and the Family Care office

Wow! Am I ever going to run out of announcements?

I’m excited and honored to announce that I am joining Terse Journal as the new Prose Editor! Terse is a wonderful space, and I am proud to call it home. I am looking forward to reading and publishing new stories following Terse’s new theme: Worlding

Please feel free to check out the journal, read, and submit! We are eager to read new and stranger stories.

Additionally I’m really happy to link to Intersections, the blog of the Family Care office at the University of Toronto, the location of my work study this year! If you or someone you know is a student/faculty member with children or family responsibilities, please feel free to come say hello, or check out the blog where I and other students will be putting out short posts on related topics.