Mixing Mythos

I am in love with goddess of the moon,

Though I am of another pantheon,

I sacrifice myself to her instead –

Leaving my dead tree for her soft embrace


Her cat-yawned stretch figure touches my heart,

She the protector of the sun, soft fur,

And I the wolf chaser of other stars

Still, I want this goddess and no other.


Goddess of love poetry, and cunning,

Healing and warfare with joy and music,

Oh, this feline guardian of the night.


For I am poetry, and war as well,

And sorcery and the frenzy of love.

So then is this the cat goddess for me?


I come to her festival in desert

Sacrifice of myself to my lover

I give myself unto and into her.


I will scratch behind her ears, to whisper –

The knowledge I stole from the universe

That yes, she is just the right cat for me.