Mixing Mythos

I am in love with goddess of the moon,

Though I am of another pantheon,

I sacrifice myself to her instead –

Leaving my dead tree for her soft embrace


Her cat-yawned stretch figure touches my heart,

She the protector of the sun, soft fur,

And I the wolf chaser of other stars

Still, I want this goddess and no other.


Goddess of love poetry, and cunning,

Healing and warfare with joy and music,

Oh, this feline guardian of the night.


For I am poetry, and war as well,

And sorcery and the frenzy of love.

So then is this the cat goddess for me?


I come to her festival in desert

Sacrifice of myself to my lover

I give myself unto and into her.


I will scratch behind her ears, to whisper –

The knowledge I stole from the universe

That yes, she is just the right cat for me.

Published by Ben Berman Ghan

Hi! My name is Ben Berman Ghan. I’m Jewish Settler, writer, editor, and academic based in Tkaronto/Toronto, site of Treaty 13 and Williams Treaty territory, currently working on my MA at Ryerson University's Literatures of Modernity program. I am the author of many short stories, a few essays, and the fix-up novel What We See in the Smoke (Crowsnest Books 2019)

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