Poem for Mystical Landscapes

inspired by the Mystical Landscape exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Standing under Gallery Lights


Shifting tones, ocean glimmers, pulling into its cool depths.

I am leaning into a world long gone,

But still it is hanging here, waiting for new brushstroke sights

Deeper colours than I can say to you.



You like this one better, city lights and starry nights’ flash –

Off blue colours my eye, I slip the pen.

Fingers glance across paper, the dream of a summer night

You tell me it is called a heartbreak blue.



You whisper against me, that popping trees make you happy,

Burning yellow and green against my skin

Hands wrapped around your waste, I say you make me happy too.



Blue is hidden under the moonlight grey

Yellow peeking through the window, do you see Wendy too?

Charcoal or stencil, not in Bruges, in me.



Stars burning over water, blues return texture to life.

Little boats under harbour, boy and girl –

Standing under the Rhone sky, twinkling yellow and blue.



Space and matter embrace in lighter shades of heartbreak blue,

Crystals brushing fairy tale salt off your lips.

Shades of blue could not flatter you, but honesty might,

To brush the crystal story from your cheek.



You say I only love paintings of the stars in the sky,

That planet in blue only catch my eye.

So now I’m here to fold your mind in mine,

And confess, the loveliest shade of heartbreak blue –

Is you.