Another cool interview!

Clatter & Clank

I’m pumped to have Ben Berman Ghan drop by and answer some questions about his debut novel, Wychman Road! 

FB_IMG_1426542795110Ben Berman Ghan is a Canadian science fiction and fantasy writer, novelist, and student at the University of Toronto where he studies literature and English.

Wychman Road is his first novel, and the first book in his series The Wychmen Saga for Zharmae Publishing Press. When not writing, Ben is being distracted by cats, snow, and what he suspects to be aliens camping out nearby. His mind currently holds over half a century’s trivia on comic books, and he finds writing about himself in the third person very strange.


You’ve worked on Wychman Road for a long time, right? How many iterations has it gone through? How has it evolved over time? 
Yes! Oh man, yes. I started working on the very first draft of Wychman Road right…

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